5 Tips on Building Your Wedding Wardrobe

Here at Leilani Weddings, we celebrate all that it means to be a (inspired by Beyonce, we love the spelling of this word): FEYONCE.

From your engagement shoot to your bridal shower, your bachelorette party weekend to your rehearsal dinner, and all of those special events in between, we feel that this special time as an engaged woman should be celebrated through + through – and what better way to do so than having fun with fashion + getting some amazing new outfits? Not only is this the time that you want to look + feel your best, but it’s also the time that you’ll be photographed the most – so why not have fun with it + go all out?

From staying open-minded when looking for THE dress, to letting your personality show, from choosing pieces that flatter your body type the best, to hiring Danielle as your personal wedding wardrobe stylist (yes, we offer that service – more on that later!), here are 5 tips to keep in mind when creating your wedding wardrobe.

1. Be Open-Minded.

It’s typical to have had thought about the dress you would walk down the aisle in since you were a little girl. It’s normal to feel like you know exactly what kind of dress you’re looking for as soon as you set foot into the boutique. But we are going to challenge you right now + say: It’s time to step out of your comfort zone, girlfriend! You don’t know how many stories we have heard from our brides about ending up falling in love + saying “yes” to the dress that they thought they would utterly hate. This is a time to have some fun, be a little adventurous: Try the dress on that you hate at first glance. Try the one on that you’re a little intimidated by. Try the one on that you think you just can’t “pull off”. If you’re envisioning a chic + classic silhouette, try on the fullest skirt in the place. Leaning towards a full ballgown moment? Try something that’s a little more boho + free-spirited. You might think we’re crazy, but what do you have to lose? You may hate it, but what if you love it?

Our #leilanibride have walked down the aisle in everything from dresses covered in lace to the most classic + simple of gowns. Many have walked down in ballgowns, others in jumpsuits, and some have walked down in head to toe sequins. For the modern boho bride, anything goes, so dive unapologetically into that imagination of yours. The only rule; When you’re in it, make sure you feel like a million bucks (or more).

2. Be Strategic.

Be strategic, but don’t be discouraged. One of the number one tips from bridal magazines is to forget the size. No two designer size charts are equal. If you are a 6 normally, in the bridal world, you can be anything from a 2 to a 12. It can be discouraging to see a larger number than you’re used to, but don’t let that ruin your fashion show. Forget the number on the tag + pay attention to how the silhouette fits your body, and remember – accentuate those assets!

Does it accentuate your hips, does it call too much, too little, or just enough attention to your breasts? Does it elongate your neck or does it make you look shorter? Consider the different types of silhouettes to choose from:

Ballgown – this fairytale style features a slim-cut bodice + a full, bell-shaped skirt that seems to float down the aisle.

Mermaid – the mermaid dress amplifies curves + elongates the body as it hugs the bodice + flares out mid-thigh or at the knees, creating an “hourglass” shape.

Sheath – the sheath silhouette skims the body + falls straight to the floor below the hips. The sheath is versatile, and works well with nearly every type of fabric, from beading to lace to satin.

A-line – this silhouette flatters all body types as it fits the bodice to highlight your narrowest point + then gradually flares as it falls in between a ballgown + sheath.

Separates – this style allows you to switch things up for a second (or third) look (we love a costume change!) This two-piece twist on the traditional wedding dress separates, as the name suggests, like a top + skirt set or a dress with a removable overskirt.

3. Let your personality show.

The best thing about being a modern boho bride is accenting your wardrobe with pieces that bring out your personality. If you’re sassy, pull out that faux fur jacket + big sunglasses for a few fun portraits. Classy? Slip on some white, Cinderella-esque gloves for the ceremony. Boho + free-spirited? Consider wearing a flower crown down the aisle! A little rock-n-roll? Throw on a customized denim jacket for the reception.

We always encourage our brides to have fun with fashion, and switch things up! This even applies to your hair + makeup look – one #leilanibride recently did a bold red lip for her pre-ceremony photos + first look, then transitioned to a classic nude for the ceremony (#leilanitip; If you’re considering doing this, just make sure you let your planner know so we can add a few extra minutes into the timeline – transitioning from a red to a nude lip is no quick task!)

Our point? Your wedding day is THE day to show off that amazing personality of yours! So, choose some memorable pieces + rock them!

4. Shop your favorite sites for pre-wedding day wardrobe pieces.

Forever 21, Zara, Lulus—believe it or not, these are all stores that many #leilanibride have bought their wedding wardrobe pieces from. We love mixing high end with high street, and the truth is, besides your dress + maybe your veil, most of your wedding accessories can be purchased on a budget! When building your wedding wardrobe, remember: You’ll need quite a few “little white dresses” and dressy outfits for all of those pre (and sometimes post!) wedding day events, and we know you want to look fab while not breaking the bank, so here is a short list of some of our favorite stores to shop wedding wardrobe pieces from:

  • Forever 21
  • Zara
  • Lulus
  • Asos
  • Revolve
  • Madewell
  • (…and if you’re local to OC) we love Scout + Molly’s boutique in Newport Beach!

5. Hire us for Personal Wedding Wardobe Styling Service!

Did you know that we offer personal wedding wardrobe styling service? Danielle has a background in fashion + a passion for styling, so she is now offering her brides a personal styling experience in an effort to help alleviate the stress of picking out all of the outfits you’ll need for all of your wedding-related events. She’ll curate a wedding wardrobe that’s unique to your personal style, preferences + body type, and design your “look” just as she designs your wedding day itself!

The package includes:

  • A customized attire styling lookbook, filled with wedding dress ideas, pre + post wedding day event outfit inspo, bridesmaids attire looks, accessories + more
  • Two wedding dress appointments
  • One shopping trip

Many of our brides have taken Danielle up on this offer because they love her style + taste, and it’s a fun way to bond with her, too!

Inquire about personal wedding wardrobe styling at: danielle@leilaniweddings.com