In a time of much uncertainty, so many people have been struggling but our hearts have especially been with the couples whose weddings have been uprooted in the last few months. Living amidst a worldwide pandemic is one thing, dealing with rescheduling your dream wedding is a whole other monster. So much planning and scheduling goes into the creation of a wedding But, it is so important to look at the silver lining in all situations.

In the past few months, we have had the privilege of planning two intimate weddings, aligned with CDC guidelines, and watching our sweet couples embrace a smaller ceremony has been majorly uplifting. We hope we can remind you that your new wedding plans will be just as special and beautiful because it is celebrating a love that remains steady as everything around us changes.

Our resilient couples took these ever-changing conditions and showed us that despite everything going on, their love will always prevail. By sharing their special day with only their closest loved ones in attendance, we found that the day was much less stressful and our couples were able to feel more relaxed and at ease.

The comfortability that they felt created an environment where they were able to go with the flow and feel less obligated to stick to a strict schedule.

Our couples were able to take their time to celebrate with their loved ones, take as many pictures as their hearts desired and without the stress of hosting hundreds of guests, they were able to focus on each other and their long awaited marriage.

With the amount of guests decreased by COVID-19 restrictions, our couples have been taking advantage of technology to connect with their virtual guests. An upside to this feature is having guests from all over the world that otherwise would not have been able to attend. We had guests logged in throughout the whole night, dancing and eating alongside the happy couple. It was the most heartwarming sight and reminds us that love transcends miles.

If you are a bride or groom faced with replanning your wedding due to COVID-19, know that we are thinking about you and are hoping for the best for your special day. There are so many other things to be excited about than a big party including the main reason for having the celebration in the first place, the love that you have for each other. Life is full of different challenges that we have to face and the only way to get through it is to persevere. You got this. We are here with you and are sending you all the love and hope in the world.