Bite-sized munchies to keep you dancing


Photographer ready, the dress fitting done +guests all on a checklist, but wait, where is the food? Food is crucial in all weddings; it is a make-or-break component, but its importance sits throughout the event. The wedding day can not only cause butterflies but also stress; that is why it is essential to keep munching from time to time as we do not want any hangry brides + grooms out there.

Although we wish to begin the celebrations as early as possible, it is vital to keep the sippy sip to the minimum + stay focused on water, as dehydration can lead to dizziness, headache, or even feeling faint. Hence, keep some snacks + water around at all times.

Although the main menu is planned for the occasion, it is a great idea to have a few late-night snack options for the dance floor. Every couple loves their snacks so much! It is so that a couple from the UK recently made a wall with Space Raiders,Monster Munch, Wheat Crunchies + more crisps options. What do you think? I believe this is a great idea not only for the youngest crowd but also for all those craving a little midnight snack. Chocolates, chips, donuts, or biscuits are always a classic snacking option. Nevertheless, we are bringing you top-notch finger food ideas that will amaze your guests + satisfy each + every palate.

From fast to fancy finger-lickin' food

 Fries, chicken bites, burgers + pizzas are some of everyone's favorite comfort food, but let's be honest, it does get messy sometimes + who wants to spoil their dashing outfit? I know I wouldn't,so why not turn these into a smaller version. This will not only avoid spillages, but it will also save time, as it will be the perfect bite-size to relish while hitting the dance floor.

A good idea for multiple items would be to place them in personalized takeaway boxes. This way, you do not have to keep going to the food counter or wait around for the server to come back. Plus, it is a cute yet simple idea to surprise your guests.

Around the world in one bite

Spain, Thailand, India, Mexico + many more!A great food experience is to bring a few bite-size dishes from across the world to your big day. This will give you + your loved ones a great opportunity to try mouthwatering cuisines within the comfort of your wedding. Some of our suggestions are empanadillas, melon con jamón, sushi, pakoras, goi cuon + bitterballen.

Leave room for dessert

If you feel a bit downie, have a little brownie! A boost of sugar is always an excellent way to keep yourself grooving to the latest tunes on the dance floor, so for that, here are a couple of dessert options you could include as a late-night sweet treat.

We have opted for brownies, cookies,cupcakes + donuts as we like to stick to the classics, but if you want to go the extra mile, why not offer cake pops or cronuts, the latest baking craze.

If you do want to maintain the international cuisine theme… Bienvenue a Paris mon amie! Macarons are a must, as they are one of the most refined, delicate + dainty baked delicacies.We assure you, these butter-creamed filled cookie sandwiches will transport you to a cobbled street in Paris in just one bite.

Bottoms up!

Yes, there is plenty of space for food + desserts but let us not forget about the beverages. Although we know cocktails,champagne + wines will be predominant throughout the night, we are here to introduce the detox shots.

 Just as it is essential to have fun + enjoy the occasion, it is safe to say that we would all love to go to bed without a hangover. You will not only avoid a possible headache, but it will also be a fun way to get some vitamins in. Nonetheless, let's not forget there is nothing better than a good glass of water because natural + straightforward is how we like to roll.