As protests happen all over the world in the fight for equality, we are reminded of the privilege that we have to marry whoever we love regardless of our differences. Here at Leilani Weddings, we are so proud to have been apart of the love stories of so many couples, all with different ethnic + racial backgrounds. Love is universal + so many of the couples that we have planned celebrations for have embraced their differences, making them a highlight of their wedding. By specializing in interracial weddings, we have grown accustomed to the importance of celebrating diversity + culture all while focusing on the main reason for the celebration, the couple’s unwavering love for one another.

Embracing Diversity

More often than not, LW planners are faced with the task of incorporating aspects of different cultures to beautifully blend at a couple’s wedding. Through this, we have seen first-hand how important it is to embrace the diversity within the relationship in order to create a meaningful union that celebrates both wedding parties. Cultural practices are very sacred + require a lot of thought + planning to execute these details respectfully. We are overjoyed to have met so many amazing couples with colorful, cultural backgrounds who have been able to incorporate these aspects very tastefully in their wedding.

At Leilani Weddings, we welcome these cultural practices with open arms + are always elated to create intricate weddings that are specific to the couple’s love story. Leilani Weddings celebrates the non-traditional couple + embraces the idea of creating a unique celebration that truly is reflective of the couple + their journey to loving every aspect of each other. With the multitudes of racial + ethnic backgrounds in the United States, we are extremely fortunate for the extensive exposure we have had to the beauty of the ways love is celebrated in different cultures.

Appreciating Universal Love

Not long ago, interracial marriages were deemed unconstitutional in many states in America. Mildred and Richard Loving bravely paved the way during the Loving v. Virginia case to oppose the inhumane restrictions on love. Because of this case, we are now granted the opportunity to love one another + are no longer halted by racial boundaries. The day interracial love was finally embraced by our country is one to genuinely celebrate + appreciate. The ability that we now have to love whom we choose no matter their racial + ethnic background is not one to take for granted. It is something that we do not realize took much strength + sacrifice to lay the foundation for the celebration of diversity in marriage. Although there is still so much work to be done in the fight for equality, we look to + appreciate the tremendous efforts of role models and leaders in this movement who have tirelessly fought for our rights.