Contrary to popular belief, your core values are not just one specific set of values. There are multiple different areas where you hold core values, and being able to fully understand them gives you an advantage when addressing some difficult situations. There are three main sub categories that you should be aware of when talking about what values you hold:

  1. Personality Values
  2. Love language values
  3. Communication values

All three of these value sets are important and unique in their own way, and being able to fully understand why you do what you do can help improve your outlook on life.

When talking about your personality, we recommend taking the Meyer’s Brigs test:

The Meyer’s Brigs test can help you identify what personalty type you are through a set of eight different letter choices. Depending on what personality type you are, you are able to see how other people view + interact with your personality. Furthermore, this personality test can show your own personal core values, and help you to be able to see different aspects of your personality that you did not quite understand. It can also be very useful when trying to navigate your way through professional or romantic relationships because you are able to easily identify what strengths and weaknesses you have in different areas of your personality, so that you can exemplify one area, while hiding the other.

After understanding your personally in a more in-depth perspective, it is crucial to be able to identify your love language. Below is the link to our favorite love language test!

Being able to understand your love language is a life-skill that everyone should have. Relationships of all kinds can be difficult to deal with when you do not understand how the other person conveys their love. Everyone has different love languages, and although you might be trying to show your partner, family, or friends that you love and care for them, they might not necessarily take it the same way. Therefore, being able to easily identify and express your love language to your people makes it easier for them to understand how you show your love versus how they think you should show your love.

The last and most important test that can help you identify your core values is the Enneagram test. This test deals with your personality type, but mainly focuses on how you communicate with other people!

After taking this test, you are truly able to see how you interact with other personality types, and how you can alter your actions to create a more positive communication style. After taking this test you can see that it can be difficult for certain personality types to communicate with others, but being able to fully understand how other people think and behave can help you to know how to handle those situations! Therefore, taking this test can not only help create a more positive out look in your life, but can also help you communicate in a more efficient and effective way in every aspect of life.

Personality types, love language, or even communication styles are all extremely important values that make up the extraordinary person that is you. And being able to pin point what makes you happy, what makes you feel loved, what makes you sad, and what ways you are better at communicating in, all help to create a more worthwhile way of living your life. If you have not taken the quizzes whilst reading this post, we HIGHLY suggest you (and make your partner do it too!) go back and take all three test when you have time to comprehend what your results mean. This stuff is important, and we want you to have the most healthy + happy relationships that you possibly can!

Let us know your thoughts about these different core values + which test helped you the most with building relationships in the comment section!