Keep an eye out for 2022’s wedding trends


If we look back to 2021, we had online weddings or lockdown intimate affairs being some of the most predominant trends, however have these been carried on to this year or have new concepts arisen? Here are 2022’s wedding trends (so far):

 Out + about

In 2022, the same tendency that ruled in 2021 will continue. The popularity of open airflow areas, outside dining + an ongoing pandemic has prompted planners to get more creative with outdoor spaces in terms of decor, as the natural décor of the great outdoors can undoubtedly enhance connected festivities, especially in summertime conditions.

Uncertain times call for less planning time

Things move + alter quickly in times of uncertainty. Gone are the days when you could plan your wedding over a year ahead of time. Couples are making decisions on the fly + are willing to complete plans at the last minute because of the many fluctuations in demand + supply, as well as travel limitations. Even the vendors are accommodating the changes by offering as much flexibility as possible + keeping the financing terms open.

Time to fly away!

Couples are choosing isolated + distinctive destinations such as countryside wedding venues, where they can celebrate in privacy with their loved ones without having to worry so much about Covid. Weddings in 2022 are increasingly being arranged on secluded Greek islands or exclusive European chateaus. To assure safety, hotels are providing entire property buyouts. Even if you can't fly to Europe, you can still appreciate the beauty of your own backyard,whether it's a 1-hour drive or a 5-hour flight away. It's simply the desire to get away from the usual that attracts many couples to destination weddings.

From one occasion to another

In this regard, there has undoubtedly been an increase in the wedding weekend. Many weddings are expanding their scope beyond the conventional ceremony + reception with welcome parties, midday activities + day-after brunches. Multi-day weddings foster an unrivaled + genuine sense of community, as guests have more opportunities to meet one another with the aim of creating memories together.

Less is more

Local destination weddings with fewer than 100 guests + out-of-country destination weddings with fewer than 50 guests. Keeping things simple is more about inviting guests + making the day more of an adventure for the couple. We know that weddings have been at times, costly when there were no constraints. However, for many young couples, arranging a wedding with rising costs creates uncertainty. As a result, last year's + most of this year's weddings were more intimate + venues held ceremonies with no more than a specified number of guests. Having a smaller guest list does not make the occasion less special, in fact it gives the couple a better chance to focus on personalization, as well as creating a safer environment for all their loved ones.

Personal + close to the heart

Custom-curated designs + decor, created solely to reflect the couple + their connection. Another trend that we frequently see among the younger age is an element of identification, which can be the showstopper at the wedding. From elements of surprise such as pop-up performances to creating personalized goody bags. Ensuring that guests have a weekend that fosters presence+ connection is critical. The goal is for guests to feel they have been taken care of, yet, most importantly to cherish memorable memories that will last a lifetime. 

Say yes to sustainability

Organic,natural + uber-creative wedding styles are being popularized this year. People are beginning to include sustainable features into their weddings by choosing plastic-free caterers, sending out e-invites or utilizing eco-friendly options. Upcycling or pledging a commitment to zero waste is one of the newest wedding trends. Wedding venues are becoming more environmentally friendly + sustainable as many providing in-house catering are using locally produced goods + other environmentally friendly practices. The awareness of one's own health is on the rise; veganism, flexitarianism + reducetarianism are some dietary examples that are becoming increasingly popular.