Personality behind colors

A sisterhood can create strong connections that last forever + bring a feeling of belonging to all women + girls. As a result, individuals feel part of a group that allows them to share moments + grow within themselves.

Depending on the case, the bride can choose bridesmaids' dresses or even pick them out according to the wedding's theme or the season of the year. Besides the style of the dress, the color is the main component when it comes to selecting a gown; therefore, it is essential to understand the significance of each color + the symbolism behind it.

Certain links between colors + objects or feelings have been formed over years of biological programming, while others may be more recent. Understanding these connections will provide you with a shortcut to people's hearts, causing a specific emotion + possibly even a behavior.

Psychological factors, biological conditioning + cultural evolution contribute to color meanings. Some color associations are firmly ingrained in our minds since they are evident all around us, such as red as the color of fire, which is connected with warmth, or green, associated with nature.

Just as we associate colors with brands or objects around us, we can also associate colors with moods + personality traits. Hence, in today's blog post, bridesmaids can choose their dress color according to their personality. So, do you know your bestie well? If so, may the dress color selection begin:


This color blends the warmth + intensity of red with the excitement + liveliness of yellow. It's a vibrant color that can bring to mind health + vitality as it is viewed as a youthful color that brings elements of fun + vibrancy. So, if the bride has a static, joyful + playful type of personality, then bridesmaids, here is the perfect color to represent her. Feel free to play along with different shades of orange + different types of dress styles, which will stylize the figure of each bridesmaid. #staypositive


Purple is a unique hue because it is warm + cold, combining red's passion with blue's tranquility. Purple is intrinsically dignified + luxurious due to its regal ties; furthermore, this color is also associated with wisdom + creativity. Hence, this is a perfect color to represent a boss queen! + just like the bride herself, all the bridesmaids are queens themselves. Hence, this is an excellent choice when looking to describe magnificence + expressiveness. #becomeyourownqueen


In advanced times, it's incomprehensible to see pink + not think of small young ladies, cotton sweet + brightly colored bubble gum. Pink speaks to gentility + sentiment, affectability + delicacy. It's inalienably sweet, charming + adorable. This color showcases gentle, loving, compassionate + understanding personalities. Adding a bouquet of pink-toned + white flowers to the look will enhance the feminine + romantic side of all the bridesmaids. #barbiegirl


Blue is a calming color that speaks to intelligence + duty; it is a cool + relaxing shade. Within this color, you can choose a light or baby blue, which represents peace, or you may be inclined towards a dark blue, which signifies depth + power. Nonetheless, you can also combine different blue derivative shades such as turquoise. This color resonates with trustworthiness, secure + harmonious personalities. #keepcalmandmarryon


Green is connected to nature because it is to grass, plants + trees. It, too, speaks to development + recharging, being the color of spring + rebirth. Furthermore, this color represents soothing + refreshing personalities + a color that symbolizes fertility. As a result, green tends to not only represent calm but also perfectionist, logical + inventive characters. If your best friend is the group's planner, then what better color than green to represent her! #perfectioninmyblood


Bring out the color of the sun, smiley faces + sunflowers. Yellow resonates with happy, youthful, hopeful + positivity energies. So, if you know the bride is a burst of sunshine + spreads nothing but happy vibes, this color perfectly symbolizes her. Furthermore, if the wedding happens during summer, this color is perfect for continuing irradiating light + warmth. #littlemisssunshine


This color is perhaps the most versatile one in the palette; moreover, its symbolism is associated with many traits such as exclusivity, power + elegance. It is said that black never goes out of style + it definitely does not at weddings. Although lighter colors predominate at this event, go all black if you want to stand out with your sisters. This color is associated with strong-willed, determined, bold yet little mysterious personalities. #powerwoman

The more, the merrier!

Can't decide on one single trait? Don't worry + bring out all the colors! Having each bridesmaid represent their favorite trait of the bride-to-be will not only be a sweet gesture but will also stand out amongst the crowd by using bright + vivid shades.