Regencycore: A modern twist on a Bridgerton inspired event décor

Lady Leilani is back for another season! 

1. Use of florals + frills

Using frilly tablecloths + flowers in ornaments such as embossed colored glasses will set up the atmosphere + dress up the event delicately + freshly as possible. Our advice, go for fresh flowers as they will add a pop of organic color + they are said to reduce stress, anxiety + pain.

2. Vibrant tones

Bring out the color palette! Did you know using a bright color has soothing properties, + promotes focus + relaxation? So, bring out all the colors! Shades of red, pink, orange, green + white will portray a sense of positivity, purity, and warmth while they are uplifting tones that will spread all the happy and lovey-dovey vibes at your event.  

3. Bring on the gems

Let's not forget about the gorgeous jewelry that has very much been present in both seasons. The pearled décor will definitely up the game + create a classy + wondrous ambiance for all your guests.

4. Tea + biscuits

To fit in with the theme, how could we forget about our cuppa tea or the scones and mini sandwiches that are quintessentially part of a traditional high tea. However, if you have more of a sweet tooth, themed cupcakes or a decadent cake are sweet + delicious ideas to leave your guests wanting more.

So, my dear readers, what did you think about this 21st century Regency-era-inspired décor ideas? Splendid, wasn't it? But hurry + be the first to hop on this trend before anyone else.

Stay tuned for season 3 I will will surely be back with a new + scandalous trendsetter

Yours, truly

Lady Leilani