The art of proposing


From flashmobs to movie screenings, the number of proposals has skyrocketed post-Covid-19. The frequency has risen, but planning time has increased proportionally. Previously only 36% of proposals were planned 1-3 months in advance; now, the figure has jumped and additional 8%.

Hence, we ask, what is the reasoning behind this? What is the reason behind investing more planning time towards this special occasion? Is it to have a more out-of-the-box proposal, or perhaps, because of the impact of social media? #bestproposal #isaidyes Regardless of the answer, there is one thing that hasn't changed; the tedious + stressful planning that comes with it.

However, this article will not only mention some of the post-Covid proposal trendsetters but will explain how the perception of proposals has changed since the pandemic. 

Looking back at the 2010s, who doesn't reminisce about the flashmobs, movie trailers, or surprise proposal parties. Public stunts were very much in vogue back then + were seen as the go-to idea for proposals. However, in the 2020s, couples are drawn toward intimacy, authenticity + connection. This is because just as we adapt + adjust to the new normal, so do our relationships.

Nonetheless, a more intimate proposal does not imply one filled with less romance. So, to keep the flame alive, here are some ideas for our future Mr. + Mrs.: 


- Outdoor yet close to the heart

We are all looking to escape to paradise with our loved ones, so why not look at destinations with mountains, hikes + beach landscapes #enjoyingnature. This will not only set a beautiful scenery, but it will enfold the couple in a romantic moment filled with warmth + affection. 

- An eye for personalization 

The more personalized, the better! This is what couples are vouching for, to create a personal memory to be shared + cherished together. Some examples are mugs, frames, or even a booklet with the first messages they had exchanged. Having such a personalized remembrance will not only portray the couple's journey + love story, but it will be a symbolic offering that will always be cherished. 

- Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Sending your partner subtle ring-related Instagram posts or wishing your soulmate knows which is your dream ring is overrated.Although many of us hope they get the indirect yet very direct message, many couples opt for going ring shopping together. In fact, now, jewellers design the ring shopping experience for the unit + not as a solo ride. Resulting in coming together as a team to create a harmonious design.

Do you want to have an even more unique ring? Well, why not hop on the adventure of fabricating your own wedding band? In these innovative workshops, couples put their designing +crafting skills into practice to make their own wedding bands (now that is what I call having unique wedding rings!).

- It's not a man's thing only.

Not only has ring shopping become a job for two, but now, men are not the only ones to get down on one knee (bring it on for the ladies!). Many mighty + fearless women want to be the ones to take the next step + have their future Mr. say I do. This gesture does not only symbolize equality, but at the same time, it removes the cliché gender label in proposals. 

Regarding same-sex marriages, both parties get down on one knee, one after the other. I believe this allows both people to feel special + feel the butterflies just right before they get down on one knee. 

A proposal is definitely one of the most magical moments in one's life. No matter the location or what surprise is planned, all that truly matters is the connection of two hearts + two souls that come together as one.