Ah, weddings! Weddings, by definition, are a day of union that typically celebrates the love between two individuals. But wait! You can’t forget about a very special someone…someone who is an extension of your love AND our lives - your beloved pet! Don’t think for a second that this important celebration - arguably the most important + biggest celebration of your life - should be limited to humans only. Our pets are an extension of our families - they bring us lots of love + attention, fulfillment + purpose. 67% of Americans own pets, so why not incorporate them into your wedding? So many of our Leilani clients have incorporated their furry friends into their wedding days, and we have picked up some super cute ideas along the way. 

Here’s your guide to creating a “paw-fect” wedding!


The easiest way to showcase your pets at your wedding is through photos! Many couples include their pets during their engagement shoot, especially since many venues do not allow animals. We recommend taking photos outdoors (like the beach or a park), so your special companion can feel comfortable in the open space. Not only will these pictures look great in your home, but you can also show them off at your wedding with an enlarged photo on an easel or several smaller photos on your welcome table. 


Sending out invitations is one of the most important parts of the wedding planning process. One way you can make your invitation stand out is by incorporating an illustration of your furry companion. A personalized image of your pet, either from your engagement shoot or from a sweet moment at home, can be a fun surprise for your guests + personalize your wedding invitations. 

Walking Down The Aisle 

Depending on where your ceremony is taking place, you might be able to have your pet accompany you while you are walking down the aisle. Many outdoor venues allow animals to be present, but they will more than likely have to be taken home or to a pet hotel for the evening directly following. If you decide to go this route, make sure to practice + train your companion as they can get nervous in front of a crowd. #Leilanitip: Don’t forget to allow them to use the restroom before the ceremony to avoid any accidents!


We’ve seen images of furry friends incorporated in wedding decor in all sorts of ways - illustrations on menus, monograms on napkins, personalized cookie favors in the shape of your pet -  you name it. Work with your planner to get creative! Wanna get real boujee? Consider an ice sculpture in the shape of your fur baby!

Cake Topper 

The cake is one of the most important parts of a wedding, because it adds a decorative element while also becoming a yummy treat. To create a personal touch with your animal companion, consider a cake topper in the shape of your pet, either in acrylic, metal, or a silhouette illustration. The cake topper is the equivalent of a star on a Christmas tree because it elevates the style of your wedding cake. Adding a topper of your pet is an adorable twist that is unique, impactful, yet subtle enough so it’s not overkill. 


Cocktails aren't your average water bowl. See what we did there!? A signature drink at a wedding is a special concoction that combines the bride + groom’s favorite cocktail mixture. The best part isn’t just coming up with the drink, but figuring out what to name your creation! This is where your little friend can come in + provide some inspiration! A cocktail named after your pet is an innovative way to honor your extended family member + be yet another subtle nod for your love of your beloved pet.