This is the real deal. This is what confirms the event. Your wedding invitation is going to be the first preview of the wedding that guests will see. You want it to not only have all the important information, but you want it to look good too. But how do you know what to put on a wedding invitation? Chances are this is probably your first time trying to create one. No worries, we’ve had plenty of experience with it and are here to give you useful tips to make sure that your invitation is just as dreamy as your wedding.

1. Style it up

Again, quick reminder, this is the first seek preview to your wedding that your guests will have. So it’s usually recommended to have the style of your invitation somewhat aligned with the theme of the wedding. Let your inner creativity flow. Are you more of a romantic calligraphy person or a modern graphic one? Choose a style and choose it wisely.

2. Make sure it’s readable

There are so many funky and crazy fonts out there. Not only do you want to make sure that the font goes with your wedding theme, but you want to make sure it’s readable. The last thing you want is calligraphy that’s too fancy to read and no one can make out which day the wedding is supposed to be on

3. What to include in it

Now you don’t want to overcrowd your invitation but you do want to make sure that you have everything on there that you need. Here are some important details you should include. Firstly the full names of the couple, the hosts of the wedding + where and when the wedding will take place. Don’t forget to be extremely direct with your invitation. Mention their full name and any additional family members or partners that are also invited.

4. Things to not include in it

Don’t use phrases such as “adults only” or “no children”. Make sure it’s clear who exactly you’re inviting. Another suggestion is to not include your registry. An invitation is a request for loved ones to accompany you on your special day not to ask for gifts. You can put your registry on your wedding website with more information if you’d like.

5. Keep an eye out for titles

A person’s title is important. It’s how they identify themselves and as a loved ones that should be respected. For instance, if any of your guests are doctors, make sure to address them as “Dr”. If you’re inviting a married couple use “Mrs. and Mr.” followed by their last name. If you’re inviting someone under 21 years of age, address them as “Miss”. While this might be a minor detail, it’s a huge sign of respect.

6. Send “Save the Date” cards out 12 months before the wedding date

I know this might sound suppperrr early but you want to make sure that as many of your friends and family can clear their schedule ahead of time to attend your special day. While this is optional and only suggested, but at least they can make up a last-minute excuse that something else came up

7. Send the actual invitations around 3 months before the wedding date

Again dates can vary for this but this is highly recommended. You should also put an RSVP date roughly 3-4 weeks before the wedding so you can confirm the guest list ahead of time.

8. Don’t forget the stamp!

If you want to get an RSVP response a stamp is a must! This is so that the envelope is pre-addressed and the guests don’t need to worry about paying to respond. Yes, this might add a bit more to the costs but it’ll make it much easier for guests to respond.


Yes, each invitation might have a total of 50 words but you want to make sure that those 50 words are correct. The last thing you want to do is seem unprofessional or to send out the wrong information to 100+ people and having to send out a second invitation to re-confirm details. Proof-reading only takes you a few seconds and can bring you a long way if you spot a silly mistake

10. Additional elements

Apart from the actual wedding invitation itself, there are additional elements you can add if you’d like. Some of these elements include an inner envelope, a reception card, accommodations card, directions, etc. Again this is completely optional. There are other ways to inform your guests with further details if you prefer.

These are just a few things you should include on your checklist to make sure your wedding invitation is complete. Just note that there are many different ways to go about it. Choose which way you’re more comfortable. We’re in the 21st century for crying out loud if you’d rather send a virtual wedding invitation and save money than knock yourself out. Just make sure you’re happy with it.