Meet The Team


Danielle Leilani


A natural born leader full of passion and an eye for the details, Leilani Weddings founder, Danielle, uses these qualities to create the most unique + stylish wedding celebrations for her clients. With a bachelor of arts in journalism + anthropology, experience in the fashion, public relations + philanthropy worlds, Danielle is the owner + creative director of wedding planning, design + lifestyle brand Leilani Weddings, Co-Director of Association of Bridal Consultants Orange County, and founder of The Bachbox.

In just five six years, Leilani Weddings, named after her mother who passed away in 2014, has seamlessly planned, designed + executed over 350 weddings and events and has become the go-to company for “the stylish bride celebrating universal love”. The #leilanibride is down-to-earth, a big fan of the details, and are oftentimes marrying interracially, which we think is pretty. freaking. cool. Overall, our brides ALWAYS have a passion for style, are looking for a fun, stress-free and organized planning experience.


Eric Acuna

Traveling the world has showed Eric how special life is, and he often found himself drawn to the most romantic spots around the world, where people would get engaged and married. Love has always resonated with him.

With Eric’s corporate background, passion for style and fashion, and devotion to his clients, he is always ready for the tallest of orders. Eric’s favorite part about weddings is the diversity and uniqueness of each couple and of each wedding. He loves listening to his clients and designing exactly what they have always envisioned. Oftentimes, he finds himself unexpectedly exceeding even their biggest dreams.

When Eric isn’t planning a wedding or styling someone fabulous, you can find him at the beach, at fashion week in various cities, or hiking with his dogs.


Taylor O.


Taylor O. brings years of customer service, leadership and project management experience to the Leilani squad. Taylor also values education, and received her undergraduate degree from UCLA, her masters from Pepperdine, and finally, her PhD from USC. A health researcher by day and a wedding planner + designer by night + weekends, she bridges her two fields through methodical, detail-oriented work and care and is also passionate about design + styling. After planning her own wedding in October 2019, Taylor realized that her creativity needed to be exercised, which is when she decided to join the Leilani team. Whether it’s designing spaces, signage, florals or even balloon installations (she’s truly a Jill of all trades!) she gets her thrills from bringing couples’ wedding aesthetic dreams to reality. When Taylor isn’t working, you can find her cooking + eating delicious food, drinking wine + redecorating her home, or snuggling with her cats while watching a film or reading a good book.


Sara Avedian


Sara was born + raised in Los Angeles, making her a true LA girl at heart. After she got her undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics from UCLA, she set off on a mission to pursue her dream job. She joined Leilani Weddings as an administrative intern + not long after, she became part of the team as Danielle’s executive assistant & lead planner + designer.

Sara’s role in the company allows her to not only express her creative side, but also implement her detail-oriented way of thinking. During her free time, she remains active + social by working out, cooking new dishes, spending time with her family + going to music festivals.


Charlotte Woolsoncroft


Having spent every childhood summer dashing around Europe and visiting family in the South of France, Charlotte has always possessed a chic and authentic eye. As a Los Angeles native who relished countless days on fabulous film and TV sets, she developed an incredible passion and sharp interest in art direction and set design. Charlotte has spent seven years in the wedding industry, jumpstarting her profession at a 4-diamond hotel in Los Angeles. With extensive experience in customer service, Charlotte also brings a patient, warm, and generous approach to every job, making her an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only does she have a keen sense of style, but she’s exceptionally organized and loves spending quality time on her clients to ensure their event exceeds their expectations.

When she’s not coordinating the perfect wedding, Charlotte enjoys spending her time watching historical documentaries, shopping for vintage clothes, baking multi-tiered cakes, or viewing Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the thousandth time.


Jasmin He


Growing up in Northern California, Jasmin has always been entrepreneurial, creative, and self-motivated. She hustled her way through four jobs before turning 18 and attending UC Irvine, graduating with a degree in marketing + organizational management. In 2018, she joined the LW team as an intern and has returned to fulfill her creative itch and innate passion for serving others. As a marketing professional by day, Jasmin marries her organizational skills with storytelling - whether it’s for a corporate brand or your own love story (her favorite kind)! Jasmin’s humble beginnings and dedication to her clients lays a foundation for empathy-driven relationships with authenticity at its core. The union of two families and their cultures are her favorite parts of the job! On a day off, you can find her whisking a matcha latte, roller skating, or thrifting.


Sophia Wodele


Being the adventurer that she is, Sophia decided to buy a one way ticket to California at the age of 18 after graduating from a small town in the midwest. Going from being surrounded by friends and family to not knowing anybody in California, Sophia had no idea what to expect. All she knew was that she had a big dream to pursue in content creation + videography.
Sophia is someone you would call a lover of life. What fascinates her the most is living a life that reaches full potential + taking in every moment of it. So it’s no surprise that with the combination of love for content creation and absorbing every moment of life, she loves to capture moments of one of the most special days of our lives, our weddings. Seeing weddings as a truly magical experience, Sophia loves to recreate the moments through videos. Apart from capturing special memories, some of Sophia’s other hobbies include vintage fashion, adventuring outdoors + taking in the sun at the beach.


Crystal Stasolla


Crystal brings years of working as a casting associate, freelance graphic artist, web designer + blogger to the Leilani squad, and is truly a “Jill of all trades” when it comes to multimedia branding + design.To date, Crystal has created, designed + executed numerous websites + blogs, graphics, social media design strategies + custom logos for a wide range of clientele, including TV Shows Biggest Loser, NBC's “Making It” + Craftopia on HBOMax.As a true "people person," Crystal loves not only learning about people's back stories + cultures, but hearing about their love stories.

A hopeless romantic at heart (and a native of Italy, one of the world’s most romantic places!) She is always interested in knowing how people met, their proposal story, and how they plan on celebrating their big day amongst friends + family.When Crystal isn’t working, she loves to sing, dance, hang out with her cats (Finn + Bella) and drink wayyyy too many cappuccinos.


I had a great experience having Danielle as my full wedding planner. She was always on top of things, returned my emails right away, listened to my requests, and always checked in with me to make sure I wasn’t behind on anything. On the day of my wedding, she made sure everything went smoothly, and when there was an incident with the sparklers, she went out of her way to get glow sticks since sparklers were very hard to find in the remote area our reception was at. She saved our night! Overall, she was an excellent wedding planner!

Seijo Chow


Danielle was such a valuable asset on my wedding day! We had her for day-of coordinating. She is super organized and on top of it! She really helped out a lot during the family pictures (I have a large family who was very loud) and she was great at communicating with me. She looked out for details that I wouldn’t even have thought of. I cannot recommend her enough!

Kristen Salazar


Danielle is fantastic!! She is extremely professional yet will make you feel like you’ve been best friends your whole life. No matter how far away your wedding or event is, she will never prioritize her clients, rather she will always make you feel just as important as someone whose wedding is tomorrow morning. Nevertheless, she delivers to the maximum and does an incredible job at everything!

Darya Inocencio

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