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our 3 month internship program

The Details

We are looking for enthusiastic, hard-working, down-to-earth, passionate, self-starting + career-focused ladies (and gents!) to complete a three month unpaid internship with our Leilani brand, which is comprised of three entities: Wedding planning/event design/lifestyle brand Leilani Weddings.

Our hope is that at the completion of the internship, you walk away with not only vast knowledge when it comes to planning + designing weddings, but hands-on experience in content creation, social media, marketing, how to run a small business, time management skills, organizational skills, overall confidence, improved public speaking abilities, and ultimately, having grown holistically from working at Leilani. We are honored to be a part of your journey to becoming a #bossbabe!

What To Expect

Over the course of the three months, you will have the opportunity to work with us on a minimum of 6 weddings (weekends) and remotely on task-based assignments (weekdays).

Time Commitment

Positions + Tasks




**Please note: While we have positions designed to cater to our interns strengths, we believe in helping you gain as much experience from your time as an intern at Leilani Weddings as possible. As a result, you will have opportunities to gain experience in all areas listed above.

We Love Our Interns

We seriously love + cherish our interns and all that they do for us. You are part of the backbone of the company's success and we do not take that for granted. I personally want to be a mentor for each and every one of you and someone who you can say, years from now, contributed to not only your knowledge of the wedding industry, but your personal growth + development.

We even have an Instagram page dedicated to our interns, and use the platform as a place to showcase who our interns are + to inspire other young women on their own journeys to success.

We Ask That You Please

+ Are Comfortable With

Post Internship

After your internship is completed, we will assess your overall performance + discuss opportunities to continue working with Leilani Weddings. Growth opportunities currently include: Becoming a paid assistant with the company.

Join The Squad


I was an intern for Leilani Weddings a couple years ago and wanted to share my experience. I have known Danielle for over 10 years now and got the privilege to work along side her with coordinating and planning weddings. What she has already built, and continues to build, is an amazing company of people who want you to enjoy your special day making sure everyone is happy, and everything runs smooth. This internship gave me a peak at the real world and opened up doors to industries I would have otherwise never known about. I had so much fun going to different venues in SoCal and seeing various types of weddings. She helped me find my career path and I cannot thank her enough.

Katie M.


My experience with Leilani Weddings has been amazing! After receiving the opportunity of getting to learn so much from their internship program - which I highly recommend this internship if you are interested in the wedding planning world! Through my 3 months I learned so much about this industry by working at a few events, having weekly meetings to stay in tuned with what was going on with the company, and learning so much about social media and the concepts behind it. I worked closely with Danielle and Alaina who went above and beyond on involving us in learning the behind the scenes of this exciting industry and what takes place to really make people's dreams come true and all the hard work that comes with it. I recommended Leilani Weddings to anyone who is looking for a planner to assist all of your needs and come up with some of the most amazing ideas to add on the final touches to your perfect day!

Chandler R.


I previously completed a 3 month internship at Leilani Weddings. Working with Danielle was thrilling, fast paced and fun! I learned a lot on how to conduct vendor research, professionally communicate with potential vendors and all about the work that goes into styled shoots, weddings and baby showers. She was always available to answer any questions and help with whatever I needed done. Her assistant, Alaina, is also pretty amazing! If you decide to book an event with Leilani Weddings, even if you do not get Danielle as your coordinator, her team is hard working and dedicated to make your dream event come to life. I got the chance to work with Taylor O. and Charlotte. They are extremely professional and pay attention to all of the fine details in making an event perfect for their client. Highly recommend booking your next event with Leilani Weddings!

Mackenzie I.

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