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Looking to join our internship program aka The Leilani Squad, become an assistant,
or be a planner with us?
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Want to become an LW Assistant? We have dozens of young people reaching out to us every month about being a part of the LW Squad. While we wish we could, we can't take everyone, and need to be selective with the women (and men!) we select to represent our company.
Think you have what it takes? Click the button + fill out the form above to get started!

Do I need to have previous wedding industry experience?
Not at all! Most of our assistants come from other industries including customer service, retail, fashion, food service, marketing + social media. We look for charisma, work ethic, communication skills + confidence!

How can I become an LW Assistant?

Please fill out the form  + we will be in touch! If selected, you will work one wedding with us on a shadow basis, so we can assess if you are a great fit for the company - and vice versa! If all goes well, you will move forward as an LW assistant + you will be on our main roster.

How often will I work?

Each month, we share opportunities, and you sign up for what you can from there. Assistants tend to work 1-5 weddings each month.

Are there opportunities for growth with the company?

Absolutely! While we are selective (we only hire once or twice a year), there are opportunities to become a planner + designer, ambassador, admin assistant, etc.