It’s the day before your wedding + you are probably feeling a rush of emotions! The most common feeling is pre-wedding jitters so don’t be alarmed, because it is totally normal to feel nervous before your big day. However, you shouldn’t let your feelings get the best of you! Here at Leilani Weddings we want all of our brides to enjoy their special day, so we’ve compiled our favorite tips + tricks on how you can relax the day before your wedding. Go grab your most comfy outfit + let the relaxation begin!

Eat A Healthy Meal

Did you know that stress + anxiety can increase your appetite?! It’s true, your body releases a hormone called cortisol which amps up your feeling of hunger, so a great way to help calm your nerves is by having a good meal. Now that doesn’t mean you should stuff your face with pizza + chips (unfortunately), but instead opt for a salad or grilled chicken with veggies. With that being said, it is best to avoid foods with a lot of sugar + salt to avoid feeling bloated the next day.  Trust us, you’ll thank us.

Drinking Water 

Following up on our previous tip, we suggest avoiding unhealthy beverages like alcohol or any carbonated drinks. The last thing you want is to wake up hungover on the morning of your wedding - that would not be a good idea. Studies show that water helps improve your mood + energy levels! Feel free to throw in some lemon to add a bit of flavor into your water. 

Get Lots Of Rest

Sleep is your #1 best friend! As much as you want to go out + celebrate your last night as a single woman, getting little to no rest will affect your mood entirely on your special day! We suggest getting 8 hours of sleep + we promise you’ll wake up feeling great in the morning. So try not to go to bed late + don’t worry, you have the whole night tomorrow to party away!

Avoid Using Your Phone

Don’t hate us for suggesting this, but try to minimize the time you spend on your phone. We get it, scrolling through Instagram is one of our favorite pastimes but the bright light of your phone prevents you from getting sleep. Another reason why you should avoid using your phone is because you’ll be receiving endless notifications about your wedding. With the constant phone calls + text messages from all your guests, it can cause any bride-to-be to feel anxious about their big day. We suggest giving your phone to your maid of honor so that she can handle any communication between your vendors + guests! 

Reading A Book

On the night before your wedding, you will have a million things running through your head + it will be very hard to stay focused on one thing. Books are a great way to help calm your mind + shift your attention away from your wedding. Check out any Nicholas Sparks novels as he is the king of fictional love stories - these books will definitely get you into your feels.

Write A Letter To Your Fiance 

Channel your inner creative writer by composing a love letter to your future hubby. Writing is the best way to express your emotions + a great way to distract yourself from any anxious feelings. Once you start writing you won’t be able to stop! This is a great piece of memory that your fiance will love + re-read for years to come.

Drink Tea

Need another drink to help get rid of wedding day jitters? Try a cup of tea! This is a great remedy to help induce relaxation  to help sooth you before bed, but try to avoid tea that has any caffeine as it will keep you up all night.


Movie time! Nothing is better than laying down in bed + watching some movies. The only stressful thing about Netflix is trying to figure out what to watch!


Wedding day jitters can affect every part of your body + cause you to feel tension all over. The best way to alleviate any aches or pains in your body is by getting a massage, so don’t forget to book one the night before your celebration + we promise you will wake up feeling like a new woman!


Never tried yoga before? Well this is your perfect chance to try it! Release all those overwhelming thoughts by restoring your serenity through yoga. This incredible physical activity helps increase blood flow + organ function, which is known to give your face a healthy glow. You can find many yoga videos on YouTube that show you how to perform each stretch, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your home to go to a studio!

Skin Care Routine 

Every woman needs a good skin care routine to help them maintain healthy skin. A fun way to relax your mind while also taking care of your skin is by giving yourself a facial! Whether it is a simple face mask or a 12 step skin care routine, your body + mind will feel at peace! You’ve been working long + hard for your wedding, so you deserve to be pampered!

Have A Sleepover With Your Bridesmaids

Let’s throw it back to when we were kids + host a sleepover! You + your girls can hangout + spend the night together enjoying your last moments of being a miss. Nothing gets your mind off things like spending time with your girls! Don’t forget to bring the karaoke machine + popcorn because this is a night you won’t forget!

Light Exercise

Time to get physical! Exercising is a great idea to release all your stress while increasing the happy hormones in your body! Just make sure you don’t do an extreme workout as you don’t want to wake up sore the next morning. Also try to avoid the sun as much as possible - the last thing you want is a sunburn!

Verify Final Touches 

The final tip we have to help get rid of Wedding day jitters is to make sure you’re completely prepared! I know throughout this whole blog we’ve talked about the different ways to distract your mind from the wedding, but getting everything ready for the big day can also help alleviate all the anxiety, knowing that everything is set perfectly. Think about it this way: when you study + prepare for a test in advance, you feel more confident that you will pass it. Planning a wedding is the same thing; the more you prep for the special day, the better you feel about the outcome of the event. So use this time to make sure everything is packed, check in with your vendors, + make sure your wedding planner is well equipped with the timeline for the wedding. We suggest making this the first priority the night before so then after you can just sit back, relax, and do some of the other things on this list!