Makeup artist Doniella Davy has undoubtedly shaken up + left her mark on the beauty world with her modern + edgy takes on classic looks seen in HBO’s hit series, Euphoria. A simple cat-eye is transformed with gems or a pop of color. Davy uses makeup on each character as a means of self-expression so that every day matches how they are feeling or what they are going through. Traditional beauty norms are eliminated, allowing for creativity + fun as we’ve never seen before.

Although every character on Euphoria wows us with their unique style + makeup looks, we’d be lying to you if we acted like we don’t have a fave. We love everything from Rue’s glitter tears to Cassie’s all-over gem face, but Maddy tops all of our lists. Her looks alone have started a makeup craze among Gen Z, creating a fanbase for the show simply because of her many detailed looks per episode (some haven’t even seen the show but follow along on social media!). Davy focuses on creating more intricate looks on Maddy because of how long her character has been playing + experimenting with makeup. What we’re left with are true works of art.

Here, we’ve broken down our favorite Maddy makeup looks that we think would look amazing on any edgy bride-to-be. All eyes will definitely be on yours

The Essentials

Maddy’s looks usually implement a simple, natural brow, nude lip, + of course, gems. We love cult classics Glossier’s Boy Brow in Clear + Mac lip liner in Spice. You can pick up a good nude lipstick at Mac + face gems through brands like elf cosmetics or an art store.

In the Details

Love Maddy's use of gems but don't know where to start? We totally understand - it definitely takes some time to successfully recreate makeup artist Doniella Davy's intricate masterpieces. 

Start small by placing a few gems around the brow + along the lower lash line. This is one of Maddy's go-to looks but never one we get bored of.

Here, Maddy pairs simple, yet dreamy lilac eyes with ombre violet nails - a look perfect for any bride-to-be.

Only Have Eyes for Blue

hands down, some of Maddy's most iconic looks have come from scenes where she's cheering out on the field.

these looks take her love for gems to a whole other level + we CANNOT GET ENOUGH

create gemmed-out brows or take a simple cat-eye look from meow to WOW with gem strips

Oldschool Love

Doniella Davy takes inspiration from '60s makeup for many of Maddy's looks, like emphasis on the eye's natural crease

here, aside from another lovely lilac dream, she puts a modern twist on the timeless look by opting for gems (of course!) over a simple line across the lid

Like A Diamond

occasionally, Maddy flaunts her makeup skills by treating us to edgier-looks-than-normal (like the true queen that she is) by adding some shimmer to the eyes + lips

take a queue by swiping on some glitter or metallic eyeshadows in your favorite color, then add a hint of sparkle to the lips with some  glitter or gloss

The Cat’s Meow

love a good cate-eye but tired of the same result? 

once again, Davy blessed the beauty world by adding gems + even micro chains to the lid in two separate looks, leaving us speechless

pro-tip: if you can't find make-up specific gems or tiny chains, check out your local crafts store where you're likely to find both in different sizes

Smokey Glam

what can be almost as iconic as Maddy's winter formal outfit (seriously, if you haven't seen it or need a refresher here you go)? Her makeup that night.

Maddy's goth-goes-glam look is everything we love in a smoky eye + more! 

keep lashes simple with a dash of mascara + a nude lip so that the focus is on your lids (+ of course, add some extra tiny gems to the corners for Maddy-approved glam)

Neon Dream

finally, don't be afraid to mix pastel + bright colors for a simple but daring look

here, Maddy wears red-orange liner above + below her lash line which emphasizes her eye shape

somehow, the bright liner pairs perfectly with her lilac eyeshadow - Davy undoubtedly knows what she's doing