Calling all future grooms! Need help with your wedding attire? Well you’re in luck, because this week's blog is dedicated to men! We get it, the bride usually takes the majority of the spotlight at the wedding so you may think that your appearance doesn’t matter, but that is totally false! Here at Leilani Weddings we’ve assisted hundreds of grooms with their wedding attire, so that they too can feel like the center of attention on their special day. Sorry brides-to-be, it is time to shift our attention to the grooms! But feel free to continue reading + share these tips with your future hubby! 

Here’s our outfit breakdown for all your pre + post wedding events!

Engagement Party 

Now that you just popped the ring it is time to pop the champagne open! The engagement party is the very first event on the journey to your wedding, so of course you’ll need a great outfit to celebrate! When it comes to engagement parties they are a lot more relaxed compared to your wedding, which means your attire doesn’t have to be super formal. A classic option that you can go with is a button up shirt + dress pants paired with a leather belt. The dark blue button up below is a good example of a classic slim fit shirt that will compliment your silhouette. Along with that, we’ve paired it with a pair of black woven straight leg suit pants. Minimalist clothing is the key!

Bachelor Party 

Grab your bro’s + your brews, it is your last celebration as a single man! Whether you are going to Vegas or watching a baseball game, you need to have a gameplan set for what you’ll wear. #Leilanitip: When it comes to planning your bachelor festivities, it is important to plan ahead! Nothing is more awkward than wearing a tux at a Dodger game or walking around a steakhouse with a tank + swim trunks, so take into consideration where you’re going when shopping for your outfit. Unfortunately, we can’t cover every fashion ensemble for every bachelor itinerary, so we’ll focus on what to wear for a bar/club scene (especially since this is the most popular idea for a bachelor party). Like the previous attire, opt for a button up shirt - either long or short sleeve will suit the occasion. Since you’ll be dancing with your bro’s, you’re going to need something stylish yet comfortable so go for dark jeans. As you can see in outfit #2, we chose a striped button up to add a fun, different design + paired it with dark denim pants. Don't be afraid to experiment with bold prints + distressed jeans - this will help elevate your fashion ensemble.

Rehearsal Dinner

Out of all the pre-wedding events, the rehearsal dinner is the ceremony which requires the most formal attire. The main dress code we see for this occasion is cocktail attire for not only the couple, but also the guest. Now fellas, I know what you’re thinking: “what the heck is cocktail attire?”. Not to worry, because we have an explanation for it: in the simplest of terms, cocktail attire is a fusion between elegant + casual, so be prepared to have a suit and tie in your closet + make sure to use dark hues. Try to stray away from black as this color is too formal for cocktail attire - just save that for the wedding. In outfit #3, we picked out a dark blue tailored jacket that is accompanied by a baby blue shirt to compliment the contrasting color. This is a great suit idea that is sophisticated but doesn’t look over the top. Another thing to note about cocktail wardrobe is that since it is semi-formal, you can get creative by incorporating various colors + patterns. A good example of this is outfit #4, where we have a light grey suit with a matching vest + as you can see, the windowpane check print boosts the overall look.


The day is finally here! It’s time to turn your lovely bride from a Miss to Mrs. Your wife-to-be is going to look drop dead gorgeous in her dress, as to be expected, which means you need to match that level of fashion! Don’t forget that this is the most important suit you’ll ever wear in your life, so choose your tux wisely. No pressure! If you need help, this is where our friends from Friar Tux can help make you look like the king you truly are! Friar Tux has an extensive collection of high quality tuxedos in an array of sizes + colors. We have provided four different types of tuxedos straight from Friar Tux that cover various styles - these are a few of the many designs they have. Whatever your fashion vibe is, Friar Tux has your back! 

Tux #1 is a classic choice for any groom! Even James Bond would approve!
Who said only the bride could wear white? Tux #2 pushes the boundaries while remaining classy.
Need a wow factor? Then ditch black suits all together and add a pop of color!
Simple? Never heard of it! A extravagent print will catch all the attention of all your guest.

After Party

Did someone say after party?! Yes, what better way to celebrate the end of a special day than with another party! Since venues usually have a set time for how long you can stay, the after party typically takes place at someone’s home or it gets taken back to the hotel - which means you can wear whatever you want! You might find yourself lounging around in your living room with your close friends + family, so you can go comfy + wear a pair of sweats- now that’s something we all love to hear! If you want to play up your outfit a little bit then jeans + a t-shirt will do the trick! After a long day of wearing a tux you deserve to feel comfy at the end of the night!