Unconventional wedding dresses celebrities said yes to

A white wedding is a formal or semi-formal wedding that originated in the United Kingdom. The phrase comes from the white color of the bridal gown, which became fashionable among the Victorian era aristocracy after Queen Victoria married in a white lace gown. Furthermore, white was chosen to represent the purity or innocence of the bride on the day of marriage.

Although white long-tailed dresses have been the classic description of what we know as a wedding gown, unconventional wedding outfits have stood out within the crowd. From Elizabeth Taylor to the most recent, Kourtney Kardashian, we list our most loved unconventional wedding dresses.

Icon for large screens, for six of Elizabeth Taylor's eight weddings, she wore non-white wedding gowns, but this canary yellow piece is our favorite. We also love how the hyacinths + flowers of the valley weaved into her braided updo add to the bridal vibe!

Audrey Hepburn poses in a short, light pink ensemble woolen dress + matching scarf. A simple, classic and totally Audrey vibe!

At their 1999 wedding, David + Victoria (+ Brooklyn!) Beckham wore matching purple outfits for the evening celebration. This vibrant purple will surely catch everyone's attention, as well as it is a perfect color that represents royalty + grandeur.

Emma Thompson's knee-length wedding gown featured a distinctive print in colors of pink, purple, green + yellow, inspired by Renaissance attire. Thompson's individualism shines through in this colorful ensemble.

Kaley Cuoco opted for a pink lavender gown at her 2014 wedding to Ryan Sweeting. This light pink ball gown wedding dress showcased the bride's fun + bubbly personality.

Emily Ratajkowski chose this casual orange ensemble for her low-key City Hall ceremony. Who says you can't wear a jumpsuit to your wedding? We love the color + the style of this simple yet remembered outfit of the celebrity.

In 2002, Gwen Stefani made a bold fashion statement with her her John Galliano couture wedding gown. It was constructed of ivory silk + spray-painted pink towards the hem, with an unconventional, asymmetric cut that looked as if someone had passionately tugged at the cloth. 

Shenae Grimes opted for a black Vera Wang gown with a tight bodice, plunging neckline, tiered black + grey tulle skirt. We must say that black wedding dresses have gained popularity as we see other celebs such as Cheryl Cole + Ellen Pompeo choosing this unconventional color to rock at their wedding!

As far as colorful wedding gowns go, this one is a fairytale! Jessica Simpson wore a custom Carolina Herrera champagne gown with ample gold ornamentation; it's a traditional gown with a stronger feel thanks to its metallic color.

Here's the most recent Kardashian wedding! Kourtney rocked a one-of-a-kind Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda short dress with silk, satin + lace, inspired by Italian lingerie.

She combined it with a spectacular hand-embroidered veil with floral lace appliqués. A big picture of the Virgin Mary + the words "family loyalty respect"were also hand-embroidered on the veil. She finished the ensemble with white lace shoes + tulle gloves.