Drinks that will quench your guests' thirst this summer

I got that bubbly feeling

Brut nature, demi-sec, or doux, we agree that champagne is a classic option for many occasions. And that is why this is a refreshing + bubbly drink of exquisite taste that will satisfy all palettes.

Wine is bottled poetry

Wine is sophisticated, classy + comes in various types with different features to discover. Different varieties of vineyards can be found even within the same state. This implies that there is always something new to try. So, pull out a chilled bottle of wine, sit back + enjoy the summer.

Join the fruit juice party now

Who doesn't enjoy a refreshing glass of fruit punch? (I know, I most certainly do!) Did you know that it is believed that the word punch originates from the Hindi word for five (paanch), a reference to the number of components of this popular drink: sour (lime or lemon), sugar, spirit, water + spice (nutmeg). This delicious drink is not only easy to prepare but there are endless combinations to it. May it be a classic Packer's Punch or a Cranberry Elderflower Champagne Punch, choose your favorite seasonal fruits + drink away.

Let me fix you a martini that's pure magic

We have all heard about a classic dry or a pornstar martini, but what about bikini martini, breakfast martini, or pyramid martini shake? The martini world is reinventing itself more + more! Therefore, why not try out one of these modern variations? A tip to enhance the presentation of this drink is to use different shaped + textured martini glasses. We guarantee you all your loved ones will be WOWED.

Another whiskey weekend

A good old whiskey on the rocks. This is a drink that will never go out of style + combines a straight pour of whiskey over ice, usually served in a whiskey tumbler. Other options for enjoying your favorite whiskey blend are having it neat with water or highballing by simply adding a fizzy drink such as coke or soda.

Today is a day for mocktails

A mocktail is an all-friendly family blend that consists of fruit juices or others soft drinks + just like cocktails, mocktails have endless possibilities, from sweet to sour; there is something for everyone. Some popular mocktails to combat the summer's heat are virgin mojitos, frozen margaritas, or non-alcoholic sangrias.

Here's the scoop!

Calling all sweet tooth enthusiasts! Here is one classic American beverage that will keep you wanting more! Ice cream float is made by adding soda pop or seltzer to ice cream. Some might opt for adding flavoring, chocolate syrup, or a bit of milk. Combining these ingredients will result in a fizzy, frothy + tasty drink.

Squeeze the day

They say when life gives you lemons... make lemonade + that is precisely what we will be doing, as this drink has been one of the most, if not the most popular drink consumed in hot weather. But it doesn't stop with a classic lemonade, as there are many other variations, such as strawberry lemonade, that will surely quench your thirst.