Let’s face it. Being a modern bride is a whole different ballgame. Nowadays, the modern woman in her 20’s + 30’s not only has to balance building her career, a social life, and a love live, but many who choose to start families have that (not so) proverbial “clock” incessantly ticking away in the background. We have to think about our exercise routine, eating right, drinking enough water, being a good friend, staying on top of the 15873 text messages we get daily, remembering to wish everyone a happy birthday, getting all of our chores done, keeping up our hair + nails + lashes  ~ the list goes on…and the list can be exhausting at times. Add being engaged + planning a wedding to the list, and that’s a whole ‘nother level.

While in our opinion there is no better time than now to be a bride (despite this year’s mess) with all of the choices + ideas circling the internet, even when a bride works with a planner, there is a significant amount of energy + care that goes into choosing every little detail when planning your wedding. It’s completely understandable that you’ll  want your wedding to stand out, represent you as the woman that you are (and you two as the couple that you are) and be the most memorable day of your life. From choosing your wedding wardrobe, planning all of the pre + post festivities + getting your girls together for bachelorette shindigs, and so much more, while your planner takes the bulk of the planning, there’s still so much to be thought about, discussed + completed + before the big day.

Despite all that there is to do when preparing for your big day, as fans of self-care + a strong work/life balance, we need you to stay sane through it all, girl! We encourage you to find time each week to let loose + take time for yourself, whatever that means for you.

To help you wrap your head around how to do this, we have compiled a short list of things that can help when it comes to staying sane as a busy bride balancing all the things ~

Take a break + go for a walk

Staring at your seating chart for too long, browsing through too many bridesmaids dresses, or scrolling through months + months of pins on Pinterest for hours working to narrow down your top ten to send to your wedding designer can be brain-frying. It’s important to recognize when you’ve had enough (for now) and need a break. Fresh air always does the trick. Grab an iced coffee or the dog (or both) and step outside for some Vitamin D. If you love in a colder climate, step onto the front porch or balcony for a sec if you can + breathe in some fresh air. Nature has a serious healing power, and even a few moments of soaking some in can be greatly beneficial ~ for not only your health + sanity, but will allow you to come back to the project with fresh eyes and a better + more refreshed attitude.

Take the weekend off + indulge in self-care

There’s something so empowering about setting boundaries, especially when they are boundaries you set to yourself for yourself. Saying NO to work, whether it be for your full-time job, side hustle, or wedding planning for an extended period of time is healthy! Sometimes we get bogged down by out to-do list + feel overwhelmed so we just keep pushing. It’s in these moments that what we really need is to forget the list + remember that we are human. Some of our favorite self-care rituals:

  • Meditating with candles
  • A bubble bath with a CBD bath bomb (loving the Highline Wellness ones in collaboration with HBFit)
  • A sheet mask (we love the ones from Farmacy)
  • Taking a walk with a positive affirmation playing in your headphones (Abraham Hicks is our go-to gal!

Have a cuddle sesh with your boo

There are countless studies that show that long hugs + cuddles are good for our health. Isn’t it great that something that feels so amazing is also so good for us? Physical touch is one of our love languages (we are all very touchy feely people) and a quick cuddle sesh with your partner can be such a great way to reset + indulge. If you both work from home, suggest a spontaneous cuddle sesh for 10-15 minutes in the middle of the day. Or, if you work separately but live together, maybe make it a point to lie down + love on each other as soon as one of you gets home. Wedding planning can cause a lot of tension between couples, but that physical bond can be a gentle reminder that you two are a team working together to make this day ~ and the rest of your life together ~ count.

Dance Party

You know what they say…When in doubt, dance it out! Cheesy but true, putting on your favorite song, turning up the volume + dancing for the entire song the whole way through can be extremely therapeutic. Whether alone or with your hubby-to-be, dancing it out is the way to go when you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, tired or frustrated, and there’s only one rule you need to abide be: Dance like nobody is watching! You’ll get your heart rate up, work up a little sweat, and burn some calories in the process. WIN WIN WIN!

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

…and when all else fails…#wine. We’re kidding! But heading to a spontaneous happy hour with girlfriends or popping open a bottle with the fiancee can be a fun way to chill you out + make whatever activity you’re working on that much more enjoyable, especially if you’ve been going at it for a while. Even if you aren’t a drinker, sipping a pretty mocktail at a cute restaurant it still good for the soul + morale. Some of our favorite cocktails to indulge in: Mezcal Margaritas, Lemon Drops, and anything with ginger + turmeric.