Selecting the right bridesmaids dress color choice is essential to the wedding preparation process. You want your girls to look + feel good, but you also want the looks to fit the wedding aesthetic + color palette. You want the dresses to be flattering, but also look gorgeous. It’s a delicate balancing act. Over the years, we’ve seen our brides select all the colors of the rainbow + beyond for their bridesmaids' dresses, but here are some of our favorites. 


While it may seem that bridesmaids wearing white have been highly controversial, you don't need to go all the way back for it to be traditional. In the past, the bride would also dress her bridesmaids in white to fool any evil spirits and safely hide the bride among the group. A white bridesmaid dress is a terrific choice regardless of your sense of style or fashion, especially if you want to make a bold statement + demonstrate that you aren't scared to do things on your own. From fair to dark complexion tones, white is appealing. For any wedding theme, we love it. A white bridesmaid dress has a lightness, airiness, + an ethereal look.


Beautiful black bridesmaid dresses are the perfect complement to a white wedding gown. Black bridesmaid dresses are simple, classy, + elegant. It should go without saying that black is timeless + flattering for everyone. There is no doubting the allure of black wedding party dresses, from traditional designs to chic + modern silhouettes. Black is a color that is simple to wear + has a stylish effect that appeals to everyone. You'll have an excellent excuse to explore peculiar textures or silhouettes.


One of those colors that just feels luxurious is emerald green. It's rich + striking + also gets bonus points for looking gorgeous on all skin tones. Emerald is a beautiful color for the summer + fall. Because it appeals to everyone, this hue is one of our favorites for bridesmaid gowns. This shade of green is eye-catching + enticing. Thanks to the rich jewel tone, any wedding will undoubtedly feel radiant.


In minimalist + contemporary designs, where color can take center stage, periwinkle looks magnificent. It is a sophisticated + modern color. A periwinkle bridesmaid dress is classic + romantic. No matter what, everyone looks stunning in this color. It is a neutral shade that will go well with anyone. Periwinkle is an easy way to give the look of your bridesmaids a peculiar touch, regardless of whether you opt for a traditional design or a modern cut dress. 


All skin tones are complemented by the incredibly flattering color of burnt orange, which makes it the ideal choice for bridesmaid dresses. There are numerous options for burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, whether they are short or long, contemporary or traditional. Boho, the 1970s, rustic, and any wedding taking place in the fall are the most popular wedding themes for rust orange bridesmaid gowns. The hue is closely linked to nature and wholesomeness. The color burnt orange is very warm. This means that it will visually warm up cold weddings and feel at home during summer weddings. Burnt orange can be vibrant, thrilling, and lively. Burnt orange also has a softer, more feminine side. Everything is up to personal preference.


Sage bridesmaid dresses are really flattering to wear, as well as being incredibly adaptable + simple to match with a variety of different colors. Fun, easygoing, + very fashionable describe the color. Because sage is a neutral color, it complements many complexion tones. Sage dresses create a basic, timeless look.  For a summer wedding, sage bridesmaid gowns are an amazing pick. They have a unique appearance, are reasonably priced, + are available in a range of styles.


The days of dressing your girls in the same color + style are long gone. There's a reason why mismatched bridesmaid attire is increasingly becoming the standard. We understand it! There are very few dresses that suit all of your girls perfectly in terms of both shape + style. By varying colors, fabrics, hemlines, + silhouettes, you can put together a distinctive array of dresses that everyone will feel + look beautiful in. Not only do they look amazing, but they are a certain way to ensure that all of your bridesmaids are comfortable + happy with their dresses. For a formal or informal wedding, traditional or modern, bridesmaid dresses can be mixed + matched.


Themed bridesmaid dresses are the way to go if you want to stand out. It's a chance to wear original styles that are bursting with style + flair. Bridesmaid dresses with a theme can have quirky accents like billowing bottoms, dramatic sleeves, + striking patterns. Additionally, it provides your bridesmaids a chance to express their individual traits. Themed bridesmaid attire is a creative way to replace conventional bridesmaid attire with unique dresses.