" I do" the Indian Way

You keep hearing it, but did you ever wonder where does the term Big Fat Indian Wedding comes from? It is not just because of the extra kgs one can put at an Indian wedding (after indulging all the mithais + curries), but it refers to the costly expenditure spent (or shall we say invested) on the wedding.

An average Indian wedding typically costs between $225,000 to $285,000. Nonetheless, multiple factors can affect the price range, such as venue, catering, décor, entertainment, or even depending on the number of days the wedding is. (Yes, we desi people can't just do one day). Indian weddings timeline can stretch about 3 days. However, some marriages can last up to 7 days! Attending an Indian wedding is just as good as taking a vacation.

The reasons behind all these costly weddings are to portray financial strength, to show a glamorized view on traditions, + to celebrate social reputation. All Indian families want their son's or daughter's weddings to be the talk of the town. It is like a mini competition on who can have the most extravagant + expensive wedding.

However, not all Indians believe in showing financial status; hence castes have a significant role. For instance, Punjabis are known for their grandeur + over-the-top weddings. In contrast, south Indians like to keep it more cozy + straightforward by having a little ceremony at the mandir or at the church in the case of South Indian Christians.

Regardless of how you envision your wedding, we have a couple of ideas that you could incorporate to blow away your guests.

- Make it personal

Partied till too late  and you've got to run to the haldi ceremony? Or was the pani puri a little to spicy? Don't worry about it. These little emergency kits will ensure your guests can keep up with the celebration. A good tip is to personalize them with the guests' names, as it will not only make your loved ones feel special, but it serves as a little souvenir for them to take away home.

- Bring in the technology

The use of technology in the wedding industry does not only mean having to incorporate the latest tech systems but, instead, creating an emotion out of them. An innovative yet sweet idea would be sending out e-invites. It is not #environmentallyfriendly + #budgetfriendly, but it gives you a lot to play with. With e-video invites, for example, you can not only share your love story with all your loved ones, but it is definitely a trendy + techy idea that you would want to hop on. Also, this way, your card won't get lost in anyone's cupboard! + They can re-watch this sweet memory by having it just one click away.

- Let your imagination run wild

Do you want your Mr. to enter the bharat riding a horse or driving a Ferrari? Nowadays, nothing is impossible; therefore, take this opportunity to make all your dreams come true.

Décor is a crucial component in all weddings, + if you want your wedding to be remembered, it is time to make the impossible possible. A wedding does not necessarily have to be all flashy lights + sparkles, but even the simplest things can go a long way. For instance, Is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara your favorite movie? Then, have a little flamenco show put up for your guests. Or, did you + your better half meet in Dubai? Then, why not have an Arabic night-themed sangeet. It is all about making your event unique by tailoring it to you + your love story.

- Spread the word

Social media has been a powerful tool of communication for the past couple of years. It has impacted all industries, including the wedding world. Nowadays, everything is shared on these platforms, from your OOTD to your #healthymeal. So, why not let the world know that you are getting married?! From Priyanka + Nick, to the recent cozy wedding of Katrina + Vicky, every celeb wedding is on the gram. But, who says you have to be in Bollywood for everyone to talk about your wedding? It is all about using the right tools to promote your event, from creating catchy hashtags to making reels + posting pics of the beautifully themed functions. At the end of the day, it is about making your wedding a one to remember.

Although there are million other details you can introduce in your #bigfatindianwedding, these were some out-of-the-box + Gen Y ideas we had to inspire you. But don't forget we as wedding planners want to make sure your journey is as beautiful, magical, + memorable as possible. Because the truth is, a wedding is not solely a destination, but a journey we would love to be a part of.