No one can argue the amount of work that goes into planning a wedding. As a modern bride, you naturally want every single detail of your special day to be perfect, and the whole process to be memorable. From the flowers to the dress, the food, music + everything in between, the details matter - and the thing that sets the tone for it all are the invitations. 

Detailing out the design + verbiage of invitations is oftentimes overlooked - we find that brides sometimes want to rush through this process to get to booking other vendors - but these special keepsake paper goods truly do set the tone for your entire wedding design. After all, they are the first thing your guests will see (after save the dates of course, if you choose to send those. #leilanitip: Save the dates are totally optional!)

After figuring out who to invite (a feat in + of itself) you will want to get with your fiancee + carefully detail out every aspect of the invitations - to ensure they have YOU written all over them! 

Thankfully, there are websites like Basic Invite that offer hundreds of designs + templates to choose from that make this process much easier + stress-free. Read on for some of our thoughts on the invitation process, with tips + tricks to make the process of designing, ordering + sending out enjoyable + efficient!

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For those unsure of where to even begin, we recommend browsing through templates. This can give you some design inspiration, help you formulate ideas + ultimately speed up the whole process. We find that Basic Invite’s save the dates are so cute + customizable! With customizable options to switch up, you are guaranteed an outlet to execute the vision in your mind.

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After deciding on a design + direction, we advise to turn the focus to colors. While your invites don’t have to be in an exact shade that’s on your color palette, choosing complementary tones are ideal. The good news? Basic Invite is one of the few invitation websites that offers almost unlimited invitation colors. The platform also offers over 40 different envelope colors, allowing you to match the envelope + invitation. Some couples dread packaging invitations because it can be a long + tedious task. However, all Basic Invite envelopes are peel + seal, allowing cards to be closed quickly + securely! This eliminates a lot of time + allows you to enjoy + appreciate looking at + sending out the invitations you’ve created together. 

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Most people think of wedding invitations as a one-and-done situation. However, this is a special time for you + those who love you. Why not celebrate it as much as possible? Here at Leilani, we are big fans of the “pre + post event”, and we’re happy that bridal + wedding showers have grown in popularity. If you need a quick + easy invitation fix, Basic Invite’s wedding shower invitations are your best bet. Hundreds of themes, colors + fonts to make sure these additional celebrations start on a good note.

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No matter how assured any vendor or wedding planning platform tries to make you feel, it’s inevitable that worries may still seep in. Having a guarantee is rare, but very important for your peace of mind, and Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows printed samples! This means that you can hold the actual invitation in your hand before ordering -  assess the paper quality + visualize how the card will look in your own guests' hands.

Some additional offerings we love about Basic Invite invitations: 

  • Flat + raised foil options in gold, silver + rose gold
  • Countless themes + ideas for hundreds of different events
  • Detailed social media postings including Instagram + Pinterest


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Having an efficient method to send out invitations is ideal. Collecting accurate addresses for all of your guests can be a hassle, and is honestly one of the biggest projects you’ll take on during your planning journey. Fortunately, Basic Invite offers an address capturing service - how amazing is that? You’ll simply share a link via email or on social media, and addresses will be automatically stored. What’s even better - Basic Invite offers recipient address printing at no additional cost on all card orders

Photo Credits: Basic Invite


Invitations are special, and they are more than a piece of paper. They are a symbolic start to this special journey you + your partner will share, and an heirloom you can keep for years to come. Basic Invite is already reasonably priced, but they are graciously offering our clients 15% off of everything sitewide when you use code: 15FF51. 

Again, you may want to rush through this process but - take your time! Invitations may seem like a small + insignificant part of the planning, but in reality, they are your main way of communicating the details to your loved ones + truly set the tone for your special day. 

Throughout this entire process, it’s important to make the best choices for you – which can be done easily when you look in the right places!