Nikki + Mike’s Pink Dessert Wedding


Inspired By This has been so supportive of Leilani Weddings’ work in the past year and we could not be more grateful and happy to learn that they’ve chosen to publish another one of our weddings – this time, Nikki + Mike’s, planned by Danielle Leilani!

Nikki + Mike’s destination wedding in Palm Springs was what pink dessert dreams are made of! The floral palette spanned blush, peach, and fuchsia, adding a pretty pop of color to the sand and white midcentury architecture, but the couple mostly let the gorgeous landscape speak for itself.

A ceremony in the round was the perfect choice for Nikki + Mike, who wanted to be surrounded by the love of their favorite humans. This style of ceremony, while less often seen at weddings, offers a beautiful intimacy and sense of closeness with one’s guests, as well as a rather unique experience for many!

The wedding prioritized the thoughtful couple’s noble goal for their guests – FUN! Even the wedding cake was funfetti!

The wedding felt like a spectacular backyard party around a swimming pool with colorful floats adrift. The DJ was a friend of the couple’s, there were cheeky cocktail napkins congratulating Meghan + Harry instead (who were wed on the same day), and the reception ended with everyone jumping into the pool!

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