Happy 2022!! We are so excited to be bringing in the new year Leilani style. With one wedding already under our belt, we can’t wait for all the rest. 2022 is stacking up to be a HUGE year for weddings. Data from The Knot predicts that around 2.6 million couples will be getting married this year. This year will totally be one for the books! Whether you got engaged last year or are finally planning the big blowout wedding of your dreams, we have compiled a list of trends to look out for this wedding season. We hope you can incorporate some of these for your special day!

1) Sustainable Weddings

Taking the state of our planet into consideration plays a major role in choices these days. More people are looking for ways to live more sustainably. Compostable + biodegradable products are easily found. 

PC: @carmelissephotography

2) Destination Weddings

As restrictions are slowly being lifted + international travel is coming back, destination weddings are on the up & up! There are so many beautiful places to explore so why not check one off the list with a destination wedding.

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3) Guests with Style

Your guests will want to break out their finest at your wedding! After not dressing up for a while, a wedding is the perfect reason to come back full force + go all out. 

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4) Open Air Tents

To be conscious of COVID, open air tents have really taken off + are sure to continue into the summer of ‘22.

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5) Art Inspired Designs

Using art to inspire your wedding theme or decor could present a truly unique look for your wedding. This stone arch at The Stonehurst is a central piece of the venue and the entire place is centered around this.

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6) Technicolor Schemes

Bright colors will pop this wedding season! Dressing in bright colors often brings us into a happy, high energy state – something needed for weddings.

PC: @mariemonfortephotography
PC: @mariemonfortephotography

7) Hanging Florals

Floral arrangements are ready to shine this season! Having hanging floral installments will enhance the overall look + add to the ambiance of your wedding. Whether it’s for your ceremony or reception, the added height is sure to contribute to the perfect look.

PC: @foolishlyrushingin
PC: @foolishlyrushingin

8) Specifically Themed Events

Having themed events will be a main component of wedding receptions in particular. Bring back the roaring 20s, hold a masquerade ball, or even a rocking 80s extravaganza. 

PC: @foolishlyrushingin
PC: foolishlyrushingin

9) Multiple + Speciality Bars

We’re deviating from the usual classic, the single open bar. Having multiple bars stationed around your reception can be another unique addition to your special day! The bars could also be tied to the overall theme. 

PC: @victoriagoldphotography

PC: @victoriagoldphotography

10) Virtual Invitations + Save the Dates

While traditional invitations still hold a place in our hearts, having a wedding website and using virtual save the dates + invitations can be more easy to us and convenient. Did you know that we have our own in-house graphic design team? That’s right! Leilani Weddings has you covered when designing any stationery, virtual + print. Check out what our design studio can create for you here.

11)  Reimagined Monogrammed Dance Floor 

While the large monogrammed dance floor is fading out of popularity, there is still the opportunity to create a work of art on the floor. Customizing the dance floor to tie into your theme + possibly the monogram can add that fun personal touch.

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PC: @sarahmackphoto

We hope this list has provided a great deal of inspiration and things to include in your wedding. After everything that has happened the past couple years, we are optimistic that this wedding season will be the best yet!