Your wedding guest book is one of those cute + not annoying keepsakes from your wedding that you’ll actually want to keep, and look at for years to come. While we love a nice traditional guest book, our clients have come up with some super cute + unique guest “book” ideas along the years – which we’re sharing our favorites of here. Read on for some fun + non-traditional guest “book” ideas + tag us @leilaniweddings if you end up using one for your big day!

1. Jenga Blocks

If you + your fiance love game nights, you’re gonna LOVE this idea. Think of future game nights with your hubby recalling this super special day + reading little notes from your family + closest friends. Pretty cool.

2. Polaroid Station

Having a polaroid station at your wedding has been a hit for the past few years, as they’re not only a blast from the past, but such a great way to capture memories. They’re cute, fun to collect, and small enough to transport if you’re planning a destination wedding (like this one pictured here – this was our first wedding at Kinkara in Costa Rica!)

3. Puzzle Pieces

Did you know that you can create a puzzle with an enlarged photo from your engagement shoot!? Dedicate a piece of a puzzle to each of your guests, let them write their message on the back, and once all the pieces are put together, you won’t only get an adorable picture of you and your partner but you’ll get a whole collection of special messages from your loved ones. Pretty cool!

4. Writing on Wood

This is probably the easiest, but one of the most chic, guest “book” ideas. All you need is a large piece of wood (we like traditional brown wood, but white is cute, too!) and a few sharpies (black looks great on white, and white on brown!). We also like the idea of adding your name + date to the bottom corner to add more personalization.

5. Fingerprint Tree

We love this interactive + touching (see what we did there?) idea. To create a masterpiece from fingerprints you can have a canvas with tree branches outline and fingerprint stamps next to it. This way guests will be able to stamp their thumb, place it on the tree and write their name over it. The outcome is absolutely beautiful as you get an entire tree filled with the fingerprints of your loved ones. Too cute!

6. Custom Illustration

Hire an illustrator draw you + your fiance (whether in street clothes or your wedding day outfits – just make sure your fiance doesn’t see it before the day of if you’re drawn in your dress!) and have your guests sign around it on the day of. #leilanitip: Add your pet for extra personalization!  

7. Message ON a Bottle

Not only a memorable keepsake but a tasty one too. Have your guests sign a champagne of wine bottle, either directly on the bottle – or you can create labels with numbers on them + drink a new bottle on each anniversary.

8. Sign the Globe

If you love to travel, consider, consider a globe that guests can sign. Make it extra fun by having guests circle their favorite places to travel, and have them sign next to their favorite place. This makes for the perfect office or coffee table decor piece.

There are plenty more options out there. You might even get inspired by one of these guest book ideas and add your own twist to it. All to say is that your wedding is going to be special and unlike any other day, you might as well make every aspect of that day extraordinary including your guest book. Be creative, let your inner creativity free. If you have a specific passion or hobby, try and link that with it. For instance, if you’re a musician or love music, have guests sign a guitar or record. Personalize it to your taste.