Welcome your baby in style!


Baby showers are said to have started during the postwar baby-boom era, with the primary objective of gathering gifts for the upcoming family. Although at present, guests still come together to gift big-ticket gifts like prams, however, the focus has shifted to the celebration. The brand of the party is to reveal the gender of the baby, which is done by using color, primarily blue or pink. Moreover, baby showers have evolved along the years, from simple blue + pink decor to elaborate themes such as winter wonderland.  We are loving how these celebrations are becoming more + more innovative with new ideas + concepts.Therefore, to continue the trend we bring we bring to all the future mommies out there - trendy, adorable + out of the box designs for your upcoming baby shower!


It's a boy! It's a girl!

Are looking to maintain the original blue or pink colored idea, but you want to add a twist to it? Well, you’re in luck because here are two subtle yet perfect gender focused theme ideas.

For the princes out there, we have a sunflower themed idea which is simply perfect for a summer edition baby shower. The idea is to combine hues of blue with bright yellow, which will create a fun + joyful atmosphere.

For all the princesses,we have a glamorous yet very sweet looking rose gold + pink colored theme. With this concept, we will portray a glamorous + fashionable look, but still keep it playful + charming. Feel free to incorporate pink toned flowers as part of your décor as it will give a fresh, natural + rosy look that will uplift the vibes of the environment.

Pastel dreams

Pastel colors are light or muted versions of the primary + secondary color hues on the color wheel. Additionally, they are regarded as delicate, soft + pleasant tones. So, here is a perfect theme for all the stargazers + those who want to keep their gender reveal a little secret.

In this theme, there will not be one predominant color but many, that will come together in harmony to create a calm + delicate atmosphere. Some décor items that could be utilized are embossed pastel-colored glasses, soft toned wisteria + artificial fluffy clouds.

Hop on the ferris wheel

Amusement rides, food trucks + game prizes are all elements of one thing… carnival! This amusement show is not only a fun event for kids also for adults! So, bring out your inner child with this carnival themed baby shower.

The color palette for this theme is blue, yellow, orange + any other bright color. The main aim is to portray a fun experience to the guests therefore, to achieve it, you can have food trucks, or a little game area set up that will surely recreate a funfair ambiance.


Have you ever imagined yourself in an enchanted garden? Surrounded by flowers, butterflies + nature? Well, here is a magic theme which will transport you to Neverland. The ideology behind this theme is directed to those who want to have a sunset timed baby shower that might extend till the night.

The main decorative elements for this theme, (as you may have guessed) are plants, flowers + any other nature related items. Along with these, the use of purple, green + pink will create an enticing + mysterious look. Finally, adding fairy lights + dim lights will create a magic + outstanding atmosphere that will leave every attendee amused.

So, what theme do you choose to celebrate the arrival of your little angel?